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“My son and I loved the experience we had during the Intensive Strength Clinic. He gained new skills and strength in this three week program that would have taken much longer with just our regular outpatient sessions. The therapists did an outstanding job of keeping him engaged, entertained, and motivated to work hard. My son is three, so I really appreciated their play-based approach to therapy. They went above and beyond to provide activities that were interesting to him. He would wake up every morning eager and ready to get to therapy and the progress he made was incredible. I highly recommend this program and the amazing therapists at Reach4Speech. We can’t wait to schedule our next intensive training soon! ”

“In the fall of 2014, my son Seth was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Along with other doctors and specialists, it was recommended that he receive speech therapy. After talking to some moms in the area, I scheduled a visit at Reach for Speech. The environment was very welcoming and the staff was all very friendly. We met with Miss Lindsay, who would become Seth’s speech therapist for the next 5 1/2 years, and knew right away that she was a great fit for Seth. Not only is she well-educated in her field but she is also patient and wonderful with children. She has seen Seth on his best and worst days and has modified his sessions accordingly which makes a huge difference when your child attends speech therapy three times a week. She diagnosed Seth with Childhood Apraxia of Speech at three years old and worked diligently with him to teach him the proper techniques to learn how to talk. Without her dedication and persistence, Seth would definitely not be where he is today. Seth has occasionally seen other speech therapists at Reach for Speech and they have all been professional, well-trained and friendly. The office staff is wonderful too. Whether it’s an insurance or payment question or an appointment cancellation they are always happy to help. In the middle of Seth’s time at Reach for Speech, our family moved closer to Pittsburgh, but we decided to make the drive to keep him at Reach for Speech because he was making so much progress there. Now with multiple locations, we are happy that Seth is still at Reach for Speech and that the Robinson location is right around the corner from us. I highly recommend Reach for Speech for any child with speech, occupational or physical therapy needs. ”

“My son has been in speech therapy for almost 8 years at Reach for Speech. They helped us realize that our son had Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Apraxia is a difficult speech disorder to overcome and every step of the way Reach for Speech has been with us, helping us to know what steps to take next. I wondered if my son would ever talk, but he is now able to carry on a conversation and it is amazing. Before speech therapy he could not say I love you, and now I will never get tired of hearing him say he loves me. If your child needs any type of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, or feeding therapy please take them to Reach for Speech. You will not regret it!”